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"No bearing is better than the surface on which it rolls" -Anonymous

It has long astonished me how many riders will lavish extraordinary amounts of money on exotic frames and componentry and then try to skimp on the frame prep and assembly process. Frame preparation procedures (reaming and facing head tubes, milling fork crown race seats, chasing threads and facing bottom bracket shells) done "at the factory" are rarely as accurate as premium grade components demand in order to deliver the performance and durability of which they are capable. (The same may be said for frame alignment). Many high-end components are built to tolerances that are vanishingly small - to omit the requisite frame prep or have the bike assembled by a semi-skilled mechanic is often results in a very expensive collection of parts that works with no greater precision than a decent beachcruiser. You (and your bike) deserve better.
Some of the graphics used on these pages are pictures of some of the cutting tools from the Campagnolo Master Tool Set. They are much more than window dressing - we rely upon these tools to make good bikes great.

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