"One measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions." - Anonymous

When it comes to pro bikes, talk is cheap. However you'll find few shops whose commitment to excellence extends to actually making an investment in sophisticated tools to ensure the kind of accuracy implicit in products with a cost in the range of a professional grade frame.

To my knowledge, we're still the only shop in the southeastern Florida region to have a frame alignment table. The table I use here, made by the folks who also make The Fit Kit, integrates with the Campagnolo Master Tool Set to provide a reference from which precise alignment of (accurately constructed) wheels, drivetrain and bottom bracket can be achieved.

We are able to restore many bikes damaged by crash, shipping (or just artless fabrication) to levels of alignment accuracy as good as (often better than) new. Obviously there are limits to how much damage is reversible,and not all frame materials respond to cold-set alignment techniques. Occasionally, fundamental errors in a frame's construction are found that cannot be corrected by cold-setting. (That's one of the reasons we're so particular about the framebuilders featured here). In the event that a frame must be returned to its maker because it is out of spec, the alignment table gives us objective, verifiable data to support taking this action.

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