Where To Find Us:

    16709 Old Cutler Road
    Miami, Florida 33157
  • Telephone: 305-235-4433
  • E-mail: jdacey@businesscycles.com

    Hours Of Operation

  • Monday to Friday: 10:00 to 6:00
  • Saturday: 10:00 to 2:30
  • Sunday: By appointment

    These hours will occasionally change. If you'r making a special trip, I encourage you to call to let me know when you're coming.

    What's All This, Then?

  • Since opening in 1983, the core of our business remains professional level road and track bikes, but we can also help with mountain, triathlon, touring, tandems and various other event-specific designs. We make no pretensions about being a supermarket - our focus is exclusively on bicycles with true high performance capabilities (frequently for racing, but many of our customers will never have race numbers pinned to the backs of their jersies). We take great pride in consistently ensuring that each new bike fits the rider in an uncompromised fashion; that the frame selected is well crafted in its own right; that its design and materials are consistent with the range of events in which its rider expects it to perform optimally; that the frame is partnered with componentry consistent with that rider's needs; and finally that the complete bike is assembled to the highest standard of competition.

  • It would be wrong, however to think that we're just a shop for techno-weenies or the racing community's lunatic fringe (although they are also welcome). Rather, it's the cyclist at the "club rider" level that frequently benefits most from the enhanced attention to fit and hardware preparation we offer here. While such considerations should be deemed essential at any stage of a cyclist's development, novice and club riders' bodies are usually far less tolerant of positioning on the bike that's less than ideal and generally are more vulnerable to the various mechanical losses (friction, drag) incurred in a bike that is ill-prepared. Besides, it's your money - don't you deserve to get every bit of the perfomance of which your bike is capable??? There are a lot of important lessons you can learn in cycling's school of hard knocks - or you could be shopping here.

  • In early autumn 1996, the shop's website went online. It includes (among other good things) a comprehensive catalogue of equipment for the track racing specialist.
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