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Of all the services offered here at the shop, I am probably best known for my wheel work. It's not that my wheels are done to a higher standard than any other technical services; but I think more riders are able to identify wheels crafted with care and accuracy from those lacking one or both of those qualities.

Despite the mystique surrounding wheelbuilding, there's no voodoo involved. I meticulously follow accepted wheelbuilding practices (without taking shortcuts) and the result is a wheel that is dished perfectly, laterally and concentrically accurate within the practical limits of the rim extrusion, and tensioned to stay that way with less maintenance. Having a lot of experience helps immeasurably.

My wheels have been race-campaigned on every major land mass on the planet except (as far as I know) Africa and the two Poles, and been along for several USCF District and National medal-winning rides.

I'll pit my overall record of reliability and accuracy with that of any wheelbuilding service anywhere, at any price.

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