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Explore the performance opportunities offered by modern materials, built upon a foundation rooted in the lessons and traditions of the past. Pinarello pioneers leading-edge bicycle frame fabrication: carbon fiber, magnesium and aluminum, blended with a knowledge of fit and handling that could only have been gleaned from decades of racing experience at the highest levels of the sport.

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Photo above: 2012 Pinarello Quattro frame with Ultegra mechanical group; color-coordinated MOst handlebar, stem, seatpost; and saddle; Fulcrum Racing 5 wheels.

Pinarello bicycles are among the most popular bikes in the professional peloton. Giovanni Pinarello began building frames more than 60 years ago and the company he founded continues to produce some of the top frames available. During the 1990s, overall victory came to Pinarello riders in seven consecutive Tours de France and they continue to be the bike of choice for many professional teams. Regardless of the type of riding you do, there is a Pinarello to suit your style.

You will find us to be priced competitively with any authorized Pinarello dealer in the US (whether local or mail-order) for framesets or complete bicycles. In the event that a visit to the shop is not immediately convenient, you may visit the site for Pinarello's US distributor for information not currently found here.

A partial sample of more Pinarello models on display in the shop:

2012 Pinarello Dogma 2 Carbon frame.
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2012 FP Due in red with Shimano 105 Group - The FP Due is also available with Sram Rival or Ultegra components
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2012 Paris Carbon, black-on-black with Campagnolo Chorus 11-speed group and Fulcrum Racing 1 wheels
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2012 FP Quattro EasyFit with Sram Force/Rival Group - Also available in black-on-black with Ultegra components at additional charge.
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2012 Paris Carbon (electric), black-on-black with Ultegra Di2 group and Fulcrum Racing 1 wheels. Electric wires are run internally within the frame.
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Pinarello Dogma 2 with new 2012 Sram Red Group and Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLE wheels.
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2012 FP Due in black with Shimano 105 Group - A stunning value!!!
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Pinarello Lungavita fixed-gear/singlespeed road bike
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